My Joyous Isles


5 x A4 printable templates called My Joyous Isles. A visual tool you can use to remind yourself of the things you love.



Do you know what you need in your own times of need?

If you don’t know, you can’t go there, right?

So first point of call is to know.

Once you know your needs, then you can use them to your advantage. You then have a ‘go to’ in those times.

Need a visual reminder? I’ve got you.

5 x printable templates called My Joyous Isles. $11.11 AUD for the set.

Something you can fill in with a variety of things you know will lift your vibe and help you out of a funk.

Put it somewhere that is a constant reminder and use it as a simple tool to get your energy moving again.

The reason I made 5 was so you can choose which one you love most, I know one size doesn’t fit all.


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